Robotic Surf
Last but not least, local robotic surf-punk trio the Tsunamibots are set to release a pair of EPs this week, Rise of the Robots and Surfing Craze in the Robotic Age. I haven't heard them yet, but based on the clips available at the band's website, I'm going to go out on a limb and bet they're pretty friggin' good. Imagine a cross between Man or Astro-Man?, Los Straitjackets and Max Headroom, and you're in the ballpark. But don't just take my word for it. From the band's delightfully silly (and made up) press release: "'When I first heard the Tsunamibots, I thought, Oh no! This will definitely lead to the enslavement of the human race! Seriously, we are screwed,' says Bill Humansen from The Hard Drive, from the robot specialty magazine Robots Only, commented after seeing a Tsunamibots show, 'I used to listen to human rock, but as a robot, I was tired of all the imperfections and the lack of crushing humans. Now that I've found the Tsunamibots, I finally have a scene of my own.'" So, yeah. The Tsunamibots play a release party at Hostel Tevere in Warren this Saturday, December 20, with Maine's Thee IcePicks and local "hardcore XXX rock" band Ramcore. Dan Bolles