2 VT Shows Coming UP!

Attention Humans! We have a couple more shows coming up this month before we retire to the laboratory to recharge our batteries and start recording our new album with Sharawaji Records.

10/30 We will be playing at Manhattan pizza for a surf/zombie themed event with members of Rough Francis.

10/31 We will be playing a Halloween bash at Charlie O's with our human friends the Toes.

Robots Unite!

Robots Rise!


Belly of The Bot featured in Snowboarder Magazine Video

You may ask what do the Tsunamibots do during the winter month? Well when we are not surfing or crushing humans we ocassionally take to the slopes. Our single "Belly of the Bot was recently featured in a video created by Jon Cavan for snowboarder magazine. You can check out the line here. http://www.snowboarder.com/videos/sfd-uncut-curtis-ciszek/#MMBad5co7fckxbO2.97

Tsunamibots Sign with Sharawaji Records

Attention Humans! In a gaint step for Robot/human relations, The Tsunamibots have joined the Sharawaji Records roster! 

"after self releasing our two EP'S Rise of the Robots and Surfing Craze in the Robotic Age, we found our day to day obligations of crushing humans and polishing our transistors was suffering. Sharawaji Records is like a well oiled machine. They will be great servants...correction...partners in our quest for world domination."


Bot-tober Events!

Attention Humans! We are officially changing the name October to Bot-tober! Lots of events and crushing scheduled for this month.

10/1- Winooski VT  Tsunamibots with Swillbille for the inaugural Hellkat Hop

10/2 -Portland ME. Tsunamibots with The Gamma Goochies, Thee Icepicks and Nuclear Bootz

10/3- NY NY.  Tsunamibots at Unsteadie Fredies Surf Shindig

10/9 Warren VT. Hostelpalloza with Ramcore and Suplex

10/31 Montpelier VT. Halloween with The Toes

Tsunamibot Comic Vol.1- Revelation

Attention Humans! Many humans ask us, "Hey, Where did you Robots come from? Why do you want to crush us?" We decided to address these issues with a limited edition comic book series that will answer all these questions and more. Volume 1 is out now with volume 2 and 3 due over the next couple of months. Thank you to super fembots Addy for creating the narative and Alex for the illustrations.



Robot Rally 8/29 @ The Monkey House in Winooski!

Attention Humans! There has been a lot of troubling anti-robot propaganda going around. First our brother the Hitch-bot is dimembered in Philly then anti robot flyers all around Winooski! We will be putting an end to this on Saturday 8/29 with our human comrades The Vista Cruisers. Join us or serve us! You make the choice......

Robots Unite!

Robots Rise!


Robots Accepted into NESMA!

Attention Humans! We are very proud to announce that The Tsunamibots have been accepted into the North East Surf Music Alliance! NESMA http://www.nesmasurf.org/ This is a great honor and , after this rash of Robot hate crimes, We are looking at you Philly! this will go a long way in bridging Human/Robot Relations.

Robots Unite!

Robots Rise!

The Tsunamibots Invade Winooski with The Vista Crusiers

Attention Humans! Looking forward to crushing humans with The Vista Cruisers on 8/29 at the Monkey House in Winooski1! This will be a night of surf, rock, and crushing. Attendance is mandatory!

Robots Unite!

Robots Rise!


Questions With Robots Episode 1

Attention Humans! Many of you have been asking questions like "What goes on inside the mind of a robot? " "Tsunamibots can you help us with our human problems?" "Why are you crushing us?". well here is the inaugural segment of Questions with Robots.  Send us a question, if we use it you will win a Tsunamibot prize pack. Send all questions to Tsunamibots@gmail.com.

Robots Unite!

Robots Rise!


Robotic Uprising Announcement!

Attention Humans! THe only way to avoid the crushing is to wear official Tsunamibot apparel! Purchase now or be crushed!!

Bots Song Featured on Monster Kid Radio Podcast

Attention Humans! Extra special podcast on Monster Kid Radio this week. Our love song "Murder Robots on Holiday" is featured on the opening credits of this weeks podcast. Great interview with monster maker Mitch Gonzalez


Wraping up our Spring Tour in NYC!

Attention Humans! Its been a busy month. We traveled to Portland ME and crushed some humans, came back to VT and crushed some more humans now we are heading to NYC and Philly to do the same. All this crushing is making us thirsty. Did we mention were in a documentary about the surf scene at Ottos shrunken head in NYC? Quite a robot honor! you can check it out below.

Robots Unite!

Robots Rise!


Robots Invade Charlie O's 5/30!

We are in the middle of our Spring tour! Portland was thoroughly crushed now back to VT! 5/30 at Charlie O's with The Miss Fits and The Toes!

Robots Unite!

Robots Rise!

Tiki Freakout 5/23 Portland ME

Attention Humans!

We will be at the Bayside Bowl on May 23rd in Portland ME performing and crushing at the Tiki Freakout! Attendance is mandatory!


Recruiting Bot Heads!

Attention Humans! Looking for something to do this summer? Try becoming a "Bot-head!" Tsunamibot shows have been voted number 3 place to meet like minded singles! We will be having sign ups at the following locations:

5/23 Bayside Bowl (Tiki Freakout) in Portland ME with Tsunami of Sound,
THEE ICEPICKS,​ and The Beachcombovers​

5/30 Charlie O's in Montpelier VT with The  MissFits​
 and TBD'

6/5 The Bar(n) in Philadelphia PA with Pushin It 2 the Limit, NO, Easy Creatures and Goddamnit

6/6 Otto's Shrunken Head (Unsteady Freddies Surf-Rock Shindig) NY NY with The Derangers, The Weisstronauts and Ninth Wave

New Improved Stickers!

Attention Humans! It has been brought to our attention that our first run of stickers were falling apart when exposed to the elements. This was obviously a human error and they will be crushed! We have a new batch of stickers that have been created over at The Sticky Brand under strict Robot supervision. Anyone who would like replacement stickers send us an email to tsunamibots@gmail.com with your address and we will mail you out a few. Or hit us up at the next show.

Robots Unite!

Robots Rise!

Mandatory Robot Uprising Meeting! 4/11 Hostel Tevere

Tsunamibots will be Band of the Week on the Surf Guitars from mars show!

Attention humans! Tune in to Surf Rock Radio 3/22 and 3/25 to check out the show

Episode 6: Odd Angry Shot.
Get ready for the Rise of the Robots as The Tsunamibots take on Band of the Week duties, like the faithful servants that robots are, for now...........
Marching in step with the robot beat will be bands like Anonymous Henchmen, and De Surfures, and The Terrorsaurs

Next Sunday night, and Wednesday night (GMT+8), check the schedule on Surf Rock Radio, because humans need schedules, plans and routines to maintain order and control........

2/25 Tsunamibots Featured Artist on The Radiator Radio Show

TheTsunamibots are the featured artist on– Rocket Shop Local Music Hour, The Radiator, 105.9FM, Burlington, VT w/ The Tsunamibots (8:00-9:00pm)
you can stream at http://www.bigheavyworld.com. #wewanttheairwaves!

2/20 Surfing Craze in the Robotic Age featured on Ch 21 Sirius

Attention Humans! Robots do not normally get excited , except while surfing and/or crushing humans, but 2/20 we will be very excited! Our new single "Surfing Craze in the Robotic Age will be featured on Goldies Garage at 9:00PM (PST) 12Midnight (EST) Ch 21 on Sirius Radio -Little Stevens Underground Garage.

If you are not familiar with the show it is hosted by the legendary Genya "Goldie" Ravan! To quote her site "Genya searches out what she belives to be great bands and plays them on her once a month program Goldies Garage. Little Steven is thrilled with the concept......"

Along with The Tsunamibots there are alot of other great unsigned bands. Check it out


Lots of Robot Activity Scheduled

Attention Humans! Lots of robotic activity coming up! Bill Gates is correct "fear a robot uprising"

Added a bunch of shows and a couple radio interviews!

2/20 Goldie Garage on Sirius ch 21(Little Stevens Underground)
2/25 Big Heavy radio interview 105.9 the Radiator
2/27 Charlie O's with Hardcore Sallies and Special Guest
3/7 Pine Tree Pub with Mr. Doubtfire and Ramcore
3/9 The Monkey House with Mr. Doubtfire
4/11 The Hostel Tevere with Thee IcePicks and Hardcore Sallies

Robots Heading to Lowell MA.

Attention Humans!

We will be holding a madatory Robot uprising meeting on 2/6 @ Dudleys in Lowell Ma. We will be joinging our friends State of the Union and the Duff McGuffins! This is guarenteed to be a good time!

Can't get enough of Robots?

You say "As Humans I don't get enough Robot news." Well, we can help! The Tsunamibots are now on twitter. You can follow us @TheTsunamibots or click on this link https://twitter.com/TheTsunamibots.

Robots Unite!

Robots Rise!

Tsunamibots now on Itunes and Spotify

Attention Humans! Our new EP,s Surfing Craze in the Robotic Age and Rise of the Robots are now available on Itunes and Spotify. If you would like a actual CD or T-Shirt check out our store on this website!


Robots Unite!

Robots Rise!



EP Release Party 12/20 @ The Hostel Tevere Press Release


"Who says computers ruin music? Whoever put together the circuits for these robots deserves the Nobel Prize.".”

                                                Amanda Astheimer, Drummer, Gorgon Burlington, VT

The robotic surf punk trio The Tsunamibots will bring their signature and highly energetic show to the Hostel Tevere on 12/20/14 at 9:00PM.  Performing in support of their two new EPs, Rise of the Robots and Surfing Craze in the Robotic Age, The Tsunamibots theatrical performances have been igniting stages throughout the North East. The Tsunamibots are the culmination of years of experience surfing, crushing humans, and rocking as hard as the drives that run them.

“When I first heard The Tsunamibots I thought, Oh No! This will definitely lead to the enslavement of the human race! Seriously we are screwed.” Says Bill Humansen from Humans Against Robot.org.  The Hard Drive, from the robot specialty magazine Robots Only, commented after seeing a Tsunamibots show I used to listen to human rock, but as a robot, I was tired of all the imperfections and the lack of crushing humans. Now that I’ve found The Tsunamibots, I finally have a scene of my own.”

Joining the Tsunamibots Friday night will be the surf rock band Thee Ice Picks from Maine and Warren VT’s very own HardcoreXXX Rock band Ramcore.

The Tsunamibots are Tomadore64, The Main Frame and The Master Circuit. The bands website has videos, upcoming dates, and bio information on the band members. You can find their website at: www.tsunamibots.com and facebook.com/tsunamibots.