Album Cover
Man vs Machine
The Tsunamibots
Released: Apr 13, 2018
Label: Sharawaji Records
Track Listing
1 Complacent
2 Internet Race
3 Pressure
4 Transmission Hope
5 Plastique Dinner
6 Acolytes
7 010010
8 Programable Dues
9 A.I.
10 Awareness SIgnal
11 C:_Run
12 Android ANxiety

Liner Notes

Man vs Machine Liner Notes

 In the dawning of the new millennium… 

A perverted change of identity between human and technology was reaching a peak milestone.  Though the seeds of this contemporary catastrophe had been planted in the not too distant past, an epidemic had occurred rapidly.  The human mind had interfaced with a form of man-made technology too easy to relate to. Bio mimicry gone backwards. People living their lives through three inch screens, oblivious to what was happening around them. The major effects included lethargy, egotism, and a condition later coined “Avatar Syndrome”.

Free will was dwindling. It was the “Birth of The Bots”. Science fiction had predicted such a scenario of overly competent technology gone awry. But this “fictional” prediction was also backwards: it was not a violent takeover but a seductive coupe. Before anyone had realized the danger of such a “convenient” technology, it was too late. A cyber intelligence known only as “The First Bot” reared its ugly chrome head as the first conspirator to quell human behavior as a means of assimilating and controlling them. The “human” status quo was in upheaval, with seemingly no one being the wiser. Luxury was slavery. Why fight if it felt good?         


All was not lost…

Consciousness in a select few humans still remained: an advantage the humans had that the “The First Bot” did not foresee. A group of fighters referring to themselves only as The Brand New Luddites were fighting back, waking the world to the real threat being ignored.
The music you are about to hear is their story....




Tsunamibots Best Merch
Seven Days
Their level of dedication to providing fans as many collectible pieces as possible is unparalleled. [Read More...]
The Tsunamibots Vs. Brand New Luddites, MAN VS. MACHINE
Gravediggers Local 16
Summary: Two opposing, mirroring forces – automation v. individuality, freedom v. oppression, nature v. technology – clash in the fantastic new album, Man Vs. Machine. The expertly crafted punk and rock songs from the Brand New Luddites find singularity with the circuit-breaking surf power of The Tsunamibots. A magnificent record that will leave you questioning if you’re a human or a robot by the end. [Read More...]
Album Review: The Tsunamibots vs Brand New Luddites, 'Man vs Machine'
Seven Days
A war is brewing in Vermont's Mad River Valley. No, it's not a skirmish between skiers and snowboarders. It's a primordial conflict that stems back to the dawn of civilization — specifically to the first time early man got his foot run over by his wheel. (Early woman warned him that it would happen if he didn't look where he was going, but, of course, he didn't listen.) [Read More...]
C:_RUN Named on Top Tracklist of March
County Tracks
Tsunamibots describe Man Vs. Machine as “a rock n roll concept album capturing what happens when technology goes unchecked.” Side A is performed by the Brand New Luddites (different name, same band) representing the human side of an imminent robot uprising. Side two – which includes “C:Run” – is the robots’ turn. I’m sure it won’t end well for us, but it’s fun to go out moshing.
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