Album Cover
The Crushing
The Tsunamibots
Released: Oct 8, 2016
Label: Sharawaji Records
Track Listing
1 Human Error
2 Short Term Internal Memory Failure
3 Automaton
4 Robotic Introspection
5 Robots Improving Robots
6 Robotic Meltdown
7 Theme Code
8 Rise of the Robots (Reprise)
9 Sold by Jawas
10 Tremeoloid
11 Co2U Later


Scientists and Tsunamibots Join Forces!
Seven Days
The march begins at 5 p.m., starting at the plaza in front of the Royall Tyler Theater on the University of Vermont's main campus. Marchers proceed down College Street toward Waterfront Park. There, the Tsunamibots will begin their robotic assault on all humans who dare withstand their mighty riffs and licks. [Read More...]
Imperfect 10: Recapping the Best Local Recordings of 2016
Seven Days
.......But choose I must. So, here are 10 albums that spoke to me for any number of reasons and stood out as representing the best Vermont had to offer in 2016. [Read More...]
The Tsunamibots - The Crushing 2016
Slams Reviews
Over all it's powerful,has a sense of urgency and is a whack of fun.High lights include: "Automaton", " Sold by Jawas", "Robotic Meltdown", " Theme Code" and " Short Term Internal Memory Failure". [Read More...]
Tsunamibots Release the Crushing
Storm Surge of Reverb
"Song structures are simple, easy to bounce along to and despite their forceful message, they still know how to have fun. Take the lighthearted beach party number "Robotic Meltdown", which even cuts loose enough to include handclaps -- presumably made with repurposed human meat." [Read More...]
The Rise of the Tsunamibots
Seven Days
"The time of humans is over. The culprit in our downfall is not climate change or a viral plague or even Donald Trump. The fall of humanity is begat by the rise of the robots. Robots with surfboards. And guitars. And gigantic, head-crushing Chuck Taylors." [Read More...]
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