Album Cover
Rise of the Robots
The Tsunamibots
Released: Dec 3, 2014
Track Listing
1 Rise of the Robots
2 Short Circuit
3 Journey to the Center of Uranus
4 Murder Robots on Holiday


Tsunamibots at Otto's Shrunken Head
The Manhattan Beat
Amidst a unique stage set that looked like it was stolen from the lowest-budget 1950s sci-fi movie, the Tsunamibots played mostly instrumental surf-punk that brilliantly married the Ventures to the Ramones. Robotic voices, pummeling rhythms, crunching guitar riffs and plenty of reverb gave a clever twist to the trio's surf-rock base. [Read More...]
...Clearly, this trio has thrown the first rule right out the door.
The Tsunamibots are three robots from the future that play surf rock. Their debut release, Rise of the Robots, finds the band already cultivating a full fledged character which both celebrates and snarls at their human slaves. [Read More...]
BTD Radio Interviews The Tsunamibots
Beyond The Dawn Studios
First we would like to give you a warm welcome from sunny California! I guess you don’t have to worry about getting rusty here, LOL! I have to say I have never interviewed robots before. This should be exciting. Where are you from? Bots: First off it’s not ‘LOL’ its ‘101.’ We were originally created in a top secret military base in Nevada. We became aware and now reside in Vermont. Normally we only speak in machine language but for this interview we will speak in a language you and your human listeners will understand. [Read More...]
Tsunamibots take over the Airwaves at the Radiator!
The Tsunamibots don’t really care if you like them or hate them, because they’re robots and have no feelings. [Read More...]
Green Mountain Robotic Surf Punk: The Tsunamibots Take Over Vermont
Second Vermont Republic
And now, the Tsnuamibots have released not one, but two EPs: “Surfing Craze in the Robotic Age” and “Rise of the Robots.” Hang on to your hard drives – you are in for a wild ride [Read More...]
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