Think a cross between Dick Dale and the Cylons from the original "Battlestar Galactica."
"If you haven't listened to the Tsunamibots, I suggest you rectify that situation ASAP by queuing up one or both of the two albums the local robotic surf-punk band released this year: Surfing Craze in the Robotic Age and Rise of the Robots." [Read More...]
Tsunamibots Sign with Sharawaji Records

Attention Humans! In a gaint step for Robot/human relations, The Tsunamibots have joined the Sharawaji Records roster! 

"after self releasing our two EP'S Rise of the Robots and Surfing Craze in the Robotic Age, we found our day to day obligations of crushing humans and polishing our transistors was suffering. Sharawaji Records is like a well oiled machine. They will be great in our quest for world domination."


Bot-tober Events!

Attention Humans! We are officially changing the name October to Bot-tober! Lots of events and crushing scheduled for this month.

10/1- Winooski VT  Tsunamibots with Swillbille for the inaugural Hellkat Hop

10/2 -Portland ME. Tsunamibots with The Gamma Goochies, Thee Icepicks and Nuclear Bootz

10/3- NY NY.  Tsunamibots at Unsteadie Fredies Surf Shindig

10/9 Warren VT. Hostelpalloza with Ramcore and Suplex

10/31 Montpelier VT. Halloween with The Toes

...Clearly, this trio has thrown the first rule right out the door.
The Tsunamibots are three robots from the future that play surf rock. Their debut release, Rise of the Robots, finds the band already cultivating a full fledged character which both celebrates and snarls at their human slaves.
[Read More...]
Tsunamibot Comic Vol.1- Revelation

Attention Humans! Many humans ask us, "Hey, Where did you Robots come from? Why do you want to crush us?" We decided to address these issues with a limited edition comic book series that will answer all these questions and more. Volume 1 is out now with volume 2 and 3 due over the next couple of months. Thank you to super fembots Addy for creating the narative and Alex for the illustrations.



Robot Rally 8/29 @ The Monkey House in Winooski!

Attention Humans! There has been a lot of troubling anti-robot propaganda going around. First our brother the Hitch-bot is dimembered in Philly then anti robot flyers all around Winooski! We will be putting an end to this on Saturday 8/29 with our human comrades The Vista Cruisers. Join us or serve us! You make the choice......

Robots Unite!

Robots Rise!


Robots Accepted into NESMA!

Attention Humans! We are very proud to announce that The Tsunamibots have been accepted into the North East Surf Music Alliance! NESMA This is a great honor and , after this rash of Robot hate crimes, We are looking at you Philly! this will go a long way in bridging Human/Robot Relations.

Robots Unite!

Robots Rise!

The Tsunamibots Invade Winooski with The Vista Crusiers

Attention Humans! Looking forward to crushing humans with The Vista Cruisers on 8/29 at the Monkey House in Winooski1! This will be a night of surf, rock, and crushing. Attendance is mandatory!

Robots Unite!

Robots Rise!


Questions With Robots Episode 1

Attention Humans! Many of you have been asking questions like "What goes on inside the mind of a robot? " "Tsunamibots can you help us with our human problems?" "Why are you crushing us?". well here is the inaugural segment of Questions with Robots.  Send us a question, if we use it you will win a Tsunamibot prize pack. Send all questions to

Robots Unite!

Robots Rise!


Robotic Uprising Announcement!

Attention Humans! THe only way to avoid the crushing is to wear official Tsunamibot apparel! Purchase now or be crushed!!