Robot Dog Studio Interview 050218

Attention Humans! Did you miss the interview by Time Lewis on WBKM recorded at Robot Dog Studio? Well you are in luck. Click on the link below to hear the insights of Colonel Malware of the Brand New Luddites and Tomadore64 of the Tsunamibots.

Tsunamibots Due to Battle the Brand New Luddites

Attention humans! The next Robotic uprising meeting will be Friday May 11th at the World Famous Charlie O's in Montpelier VT.  We have a special ring master, Miku Daza, who will be rocking your face off with their brand of glam punk, ska and rock n roll. Attendance is mandatory!

Brand New Luddites - Transmission Hope Lyric Video

Attention Humans! We have intercepted a transmission from those pesky humans the Brand New Luddites.

The Tsunamibots Vs. Brand New Luddites, MAN VS. MACHINE
Summary: Two opposing, mirroring forces – automation v. individuality, freedom v. oppression, nature v. technology – clash in the fantastic new album, Man Vs. Machine. The expertly crafted punk and rock songs from the Brand New Luddites find singularity with the circuit-breaking surf power of The Tsunamibots. A magnificent record that will leave you questioning if you’re a human or a robot by the end. [Read More...]
Robotic Revolution Has Begun

Attention Humans! Today the battle between Robots and Humans has begun! Come see the battle live 4/14 at the Hostel Tevere for our Record Release party. Attendance is mandatory!


Album Review: The Tsunamibots vs Brand New Luddites, 'Man vs Machine'
A war is brewing in Vermont's Mad River Valley. No, it's not a skirmish between skiers and snowboarders. It's a primordial conflict that stems back to the dawn of civilization β€” specifically to the first time early man got his foot run over by his wheel. (Early woman warned him that it would happen if he didn't look where he was going, but, of course, he didn't listen.) [Read More...]
Hostelpalooza 2017 Footage

Attention Humans! We have obtained footage from the 2017 Hostelpalooza!

Next Hostelpalooza is 4/14/18 which also happens to be our record release party with the Brand New Luddites.


T-bots and the Brand New Luddites Host the Surfphony of 2000 Podcast

Attention humans We had the honor to host the Surfphony of Destruction 2000 podcast episode 65. Unfortunately those pesky humans the Brand New Luddites crashed the party but we managed to salvage the episode anyways. click on the link below to hear the show


surfphony of destruction

Programmable Dudes - Tes Uno Remix

Attention Humans! Friend of Robots Tes Uno did a remix of our new song Programmable Dudes. If you want the stubs to do your own remix let us know.

C:_RUN Named on Top Tracklist of March
Tsunamibots describe Man Vs. Machine as β€œa rock n roll concept album capturing what happens when technology goes unchecked.” Side A is performed by the Brand New Luddites (different name, same band) representing the human side of an imminent robot uprising. Side two – which includes β€œC:Run” – is the robots’ turn. I’m sure it won’t end well for us, but it’s fun to go out moshing.