Mandatory Robot Uprising Meeting! 4/11 Hostel Tevere

Tsunamibots will be Band of the Week on the Surf Guitars from mars show!

Attention humans! Tune in to Surf Rock Radio 3/22 and 3/25 to check out the show

Episode 6: Odd Angry Shot.
Get ready for the Rise of the Robots as The Tsunamibots take on Band of the Week duties, like the faithful servants that robots are, for now...........
Marching in step with the robot beat will be bands like Anonymous Henchmen, and De Surfures, and The Terrorsaurs

Next Sunday night, and Wednesday night (GMT+8), check the schedule on Surf Rock Radio, because humans need schedules, plans and routines to maintain order and control........

Tsunamibots take over the Airwaves at the Radiator!
The Tsunamibots don’t really care if you like them or hate them, because they’re robots and have no feelings. [Read More...]
2/25 Tsunamibots Featured Artist on The Radiator Radio Show

TheTsunamibots are the featured artist on– Rocket Shop Local Music Hour, The Radiator, 105.9FM, Burlington, VT w/ The Tsunamibots (8:00-9:00pm)
you can stream at #wewanttheairwaves!

2/20 Surfing Craze in the Robotic Age featured on Ch 21 Sirius

Attention Humans! Robots do not normally get excited , except while surfing and/or crushing humans, but 2/20 we will be very excited! Our new single "Surfing Craze in the Robotic Age will be featured on Goldies Garage at 9:00PM (PST) 12Midnight (EST) Ch 21 on Sirius Radio -Little Stevens Underground Garage.

If you are not familiar with the show it is hosted by the legendary Genya "Goldie" Ravan! To quote her site "Genya searches out what she belives to be great bands and plays them on her once a month program Goldies Garage. Little Steven is thrilled with the concept......"

Along with The Tsunamibots there are alot of other great unsigned bands. Check it out


Lots of Robot Activity Scheduled

Attention Humans! Lots of robotic activity coming up! Bill Gates is correct "fear a robot uprising"

Added a bunch of shows and a couple radio interviews!

2/20 Goldie Garage on Sirius ch 21(Little Stevens Underground)
2/25 Big Heavy radio interview 105.9 the Radiator
2/27 Charlie O's with Hardcore Sallies and Special Guest
3/7 Pine Tree Pub with Mr. Doubtfire and Ramcore
3/9 The Monkey House with Mr. Doubtfire
4/11 The Hostel Tevere with Thee IcePicks and Hardcore Sallies

Seven Days EP Review
But given their brazen style and unwavering commitment to their legitimately clever gimmick, they might just be the most fun. [Read More...]
Green Mountain Robotic Surf Punk: The Tsunamibots Take Over Vermont
And now, the Tsnuamibots have released not one, but two EPs: “Surfing Craze in the Robotic Age” and “Rise of the Robots.” Hang on to your hard drives – you are in for a wild ride [Read More...]
Robots Heading to Lowell MA.

Attention Humans!

We will be holding a madatory Robot uprising meeting on 2/6 @ Dudleys in Lowell Ma. We will be joinging our friends State of the Union and the Duff McGuffins! This is guarenteed to be a good time!

Can't get enough of Robots?

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Robots Unite!

Robots Rise!